Sunday, April 7, 2013

Makaibari to Darjeeling : following Tea trails

Ghoom, Batasia Loop

I could see the mountains are getting bigger in front of my eyes, I had occupied the window seat of the bus, watching everything on the way with with my curious eyes. After every hair pin bent there was a new mountain to produce a set of questions in my mind - "Is it Darjeeling? How far we are from Darjeeling? How long it will take ...?". That was long back and I was travelling with my parents, my first Darjeeling tour, actually my first visit to Himalaya. 20 years passed after that, I have been to that part of world several times, but never ever went to Darjeeling after that.

day 1: Makaibari great food Day2: early morning visit to the tea factory, after lunch dow hill -> darjeeling day 3: Darjeeling full day day 4: Return via Mirik

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