Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sillery Gaon and others: Exploring the Silk route

Zig Zag road near zuluk, Sillery Gaon - Silk Route Tour
Zig Zag Road near Zuluk - By Surajit Ray

It is a fact that I don’t plan much during my trips … but this time I didn’t even have the destination in mind. We had booking for Siliguri. From Siliguri so many destinations open up. So we were sure that we will be able to decide about a destination on our way. We didn't have direct reservation to Siliguri. First we had to reach Maldah and from there Siliguri. I was searching for destinations using my mobile internet while waiting inside the Maldah station. At that time I came to know about Sillery Gaon and found the number of Dilip Tamang. Without wasting much time I called him. That was a wise decision.

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Day1: Kalimpong, always expect the unexpected
After reaching NJP station we confirmed Dilipji that we are coming. Without any booking amount our booking was confirmed just with a phone call. Now it was time to move. It was difficult to get a transport as not many people were aware of such a place named "Sillery Gaon". I had a map with me, that didn't help either. At last, after searching we had found a driver with a Maruti Omni who agreed to drive for us. Four of us, a driver and a helper, our journey fro Sillery Gaon begun.
Day2: Sillery Gaon, hidden treasure of West Bengal
Day3: Zuluk, Nathang Valley, Kupup

Day4: Time to go

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